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Why Well-Child Visits Are Important for Your Child’s Health

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Many adults don’t schedule doctor’s appointments unless they are sick or injured despite the advice about why annual physical exams are important. But, as a parent, it is vitally important to your child’s lifelong health and development to follow the recommended well-child visit schedule. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Track growth: At each well-child visit, your pediatrician will record your child’s height and weight. For infants, these measurements will also include the circumference of the baby’s head. Comparing these measurements to those of your last visit, as well as to the growth charts for children at the same age, allows your doctor to track your child’s growth. When it comes to the growth chart, the important thing isn’t necessarily the percentile itself, but rather the rate of growth as depicted by the “curve.”

2. Monitor development: No two babies are the same, and each will reach developmental milestones at different times. Regular well-child visits give your doctor the opportunity to monitor how a child is developing not just physically, but mentally and socially.

3. Establish health trends: Regular visits, even when your child is not sick, will establish trends that can help your pediatrician spot and address irregularities or concerns in a timely manner.

4. Early detection: In addition to a physical exam, a typical well-child visit may also include checking your child’s vitals, vision screening, and hearing tests. These exams can help your doctor identify problems before they start or progress. Early detection can mean the difference between catching a serious problem while it can still be managed or having to undergo treatment when it’s already advanced.

5. Preventative treatment: New studies, equipment, medication and healthcare guidelines come out often. Following the recommended well-child visit schedule will ensure you stay up-to-date on all preventative treatments available to your children such as immunizations and screenings.

6. Build a relationship: In order for him or her to be an effective partner in the care of your child, you and your child both need to build a relationship with your pediatrician. In doing so, they’ll have a better understanding of your child’s medical history and can help you navigate through various life experiences.

7. Child health education: Your pediatrician can help educate your child on the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent future medical conditions caused by poor health habits, and equip you as a parent with educational resources and tools that you need to support them in these areas at home.

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