Physical Therapy

Kernodle Clinic Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab specializes in orthopedic and sports related injuries. Our goal is to maximize each individual’s functional level- making you the central focus of your personalized rehabilitation plan. In addition to designing an independent treatment program to meet your needs, regardless of age, activity level, or functional status, we have a wide array of specialized programs and techniques that expedite your recovery and provide a pleasant experience during your course of treatment.


The goal of physical therapy and sports rehab is to restore normal function to specific portions of the body. This definition of normal function might be different from person to person. An elite athlete’s normal function of a particular part of the body is going to be drastically different than that of an elderly patient. The idea is to address each case individually and formulate a physical therapy or sports rehabilitation plan that addresses the weaknesses and improves the function of the body.

Once the therapy or rehabilitation plan is established, our physicians and staff at Kernodle guide patients on performing correct technique and developing a good routine. The importance of technique and the correct execution of exercises is integral to the time and effectiveness of therapy. After correct technique is mastered, we will help patients develop a good routine to apply to their individual plans.

Kernodle Clinic Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab provides services to patients at our Burlington and Mebane locations. For a list of the many physical therapy and sports rehab services Kernodle Clinic provides, visit our patient services page.


Are honored to have your trust, appreciate your loyalty to our practice and are grateful to share in your health care.

Will continue our multi-specialty providers’ well respected long standing history of excellent service for Alamance county and neighboring communities.

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Kernodle Clinic Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab has two locations. Our Burlington, NC and Mebane, NC locations provide options for you and your specific therapy or rehabilitation needs.

Kernodle Clinic has a 70+ year history of quality medical care. Our innovative multi-specialty clinic staffs more than 95 medical providers in 18 areas of practice. Our use of Electronic Medical Records allows us to quickly access your medical records if you are a patient with Physical Therapy or any other Kernodle Clinic Department.

As a courtesy to our patients, we do file insurance claims directly to all insurance plans, even those that do not include Kernodle Clinic physicians in their network. However, your copayment, coinsurance and deductible costs may be higher if Kernodle Clinic is not in your network.  You should check with your insurance carrier to confirm that Kernodle Clinic is in your network.  Please bring your health insurance information with you to all of your appointments.

We always welcome new patients to our practice and accept private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and self-pay options for services. If you are an established patient and would like to schedule an appointment through our website request form, please allow our staff 24 hours (business days) to respond, including Spanish interpreter availability.

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