James Hooten, Jr., MD

Orthopaedics Department
1234 Huffman Mill Road
Burlington, NC  27215
336-538-2396 – fax

I love working with my hands.  Whether it’s stroking the long soft ears of my Basset hound or digging in the rich Carolina soil, I am always amazed at the way our hands let us experience the miracles of life.  When someone can’t walk without help or even do simple things like gardening, my hands help me to make a difference.  But holding a patient’s hand to provide assurance is just as important as what I do in surgery.  I want to help relieve the pain of arthritis or injury and allow people to regain their joy of living!

I am blessed with wonderful patients, a great staff of nurses and therapists, and a talented surgical team.  I am inspired by the work that we do together as a team to make a difference for our patients.

Davidson College (graduated cum laude)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Tulane University Affiliated Hospitals in New Orleans

Anderson Orthopedic Research Institute in Arlington, Virginia (adult joint reconstruction)

Certified by American Board of Orthopedic Surgery

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