Postpartum Exercise Tips: Fitness After Birth

Fitness after birth varies from woman to woman. Some may be able to bounce back quickly, and some may have to take it slow. Either way, your body just brought new life into this world. However long it takes you to reach full capacity postpartum is okay. Remember that postpartum exercise has several benefits, including restoring muscle strength, boosting your energy, promoting healthy weight loss, and more.  

Postpartum Exercise Tips

As long as it is cleared by your doctor, there is no right or wrong time to start exercising after giving birth. Your main goal in starting postpartum exercise should simply be to get moving and be active! Kernodle OB/GYN has compiled a list of postpartum exercise tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your baby. 

Start Small And Take It Slow

Before resuming your workout routine, it is essential to consult your doctor. Once you have received clearance for postpartum exercise, it’s time to devise a plan. It is important to ease back into your workouts as your body is still recovering from giving birth. Jumping back into things too quickly can have adverse effects and may set you back from recovery. Start off with a leisurely walk to help build back up your endurance. Once you are feeling stronger, you may want to try light resistance exercises or gentle stretching. 

Stay Hydrated 

Adequate water intake is essential for anyone’s overall well-being. However, it becomes even more crucial after birth. Staying hydrated decreases swelling by improving circulation and helping to flush out excess sodium. Additionally, water is important for those who are lactating, as women lose a lot of fluids through nursing. While getting back into exercise postpartum, remember to drink often, eat healthily, and listen to your body! 

Include Your Baby

As a new mom, finding time to exercise can feel impractical. Sure, you can always work out while your baby naps, but including your baby in your workouts is even better! Below are a few ways to include your baby in postpartum exercise:

If any of these exercises feel like too much too soon, walking with your baby in a stroller is another great postpartum exercise!

Set Goals 

One great way to stay accountable with postpartum exercise is to set goals for yourself. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests after having a baby, you should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week. Try to base your goals around this suggestion. Some great goals to start off with may include:

  1. Move your body every day in some way or another
  2. Regain stability and balance
  3. Rebuild core strength
  4. Stretch for at least 5 minutes a day
  5. Feel confident and comfortable in your body

While setting your goals, remember not to get carried away and ensure they remain realistic and achievable.

Postpartum exercise is vital for a number of reasons. It restores muscle strength, boosts energy levels and weight loss results, lifts mood, and improves health. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is key when returning to your previous state of fitness after birth. You don’t have to feel guilty if you take time off as long as you eat healthily and get plenty of rest. 

Getting back into a workout routine postpartum can be difficult, and you may have many questions surrounding it. At Kernodle OB/GYN, we provide complete obstetric care services, high-risk pregnancy management, and full-scope midwifery care. To learn more about our services or postpartum exercise, visit our website, or request an appointment today.

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