Benefits of Being Pregnant in the Winter

While the changing of the seasons can be a welcome shift in routine, many dread the dark, cold days of winter. Chilly weather and snow flurries have the potential to add magic to the holiday season, but after all of the festivities have passed it’s easy to get stuck in a rut for the remaining winter months. Fortunately for expectant mothers, being pregnant in the winter has many benefits that will have you enjoying month after month of winter weather. From oversized sweaters to comfortable sleeping weather, we’re breaking down all the reasons why the winter is the perfect time to be pregnant.

The Benefits:

Comfy layers

Dressing for heat and humidity can be difficult and uncomfortable for anyone, but it can especially be a pain while pregnant. Short and form-fitting clothes are not always the most comfortable, which is why we love winter for soft and cozy layers. Winter wardrobes are full of fleece and cashmere, making it easy to change out of pajamas. It’s also worth noting that elastic waistbands are far easier to get away with in the winter months, especially when they’re hidden by longer sweaters and jackets. No matter how you feel about winter, you have to love the comfy cold-weather clothes.

Cold, dark weather means more time to snuggle up and sleep

Winter weather may not be the most optimum when it comes to spending time outside or on the go, but it is the best for cuddling up by a fire. For pregnant mothers to be who feel perpetually exhausted, few things are better than having some extra time for some well-deserved rest. During the long summer days, it’s hard to hop into bed early, especially if it’s still light outside. When the sun sets at 5 pm, it’s easier to justify getting to sleep at an earlier hour. It’s also more likely that inclement weather prohibits you from leaving the house at all. If the weather outside is frightful, just use it as an excuse to catch up on sleep!

Slippers and boots for swollen feet

In the warmer months, it’s more common to have to bend over to put on strappy sandals, but during the winter, the footwear options are far more forgiving to the feet of expectant mothers. Pregnancy can be taxing on the feet, so if your feet are tired and swollen, there’s nothing better than sliding on a pair of comfy slippers or slip-on shearling boots. In addition to footwear, the winter season is perfect for fluffy socks to wear while roaming around the house. 

More excuses to stay at home

Depending on how you feel during your pregnancy, sometimes you’re just not up for going out. While being pregnant should be a good enough excuse to skip out on events that you don’t want to attend, the winter months allow you to have even more freedom when it comes to your social schedule. If all you want to do is recharge on your couch for the evening, bad weather and icy sidewalks are just a few more reasons you can use to opt-out.

Holidays bring opportunities to prep for your baby

With new products hitting the shelves in time for the holidays, it’s a great time to do some research and create a wishlist for future items for your baby. With massive sales on Black Friday and even more post-holidays, you can score some of the pricier items on your list for a lot cheaper. The holidays also allow you to receive a couple of baby-oriented presents before your baby shower.

Looking forward to long walks with your new baby

If you can’t help but feel the winter blues, you can daydream about the future time spent with your baby in the spring and summer months. Warmer temperatures will make long walks with your newborn baby something to look forward to. Use this winter for rest and self-care to prepare yourself for all future seasons spent with your child.

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