15 Must-Ask Questions for Your First Prenatal Appointment

Finding out you’re pregnant can be exciting. It can also be unexpected, overwhelming, scary, and a whole host of other emotions–sometimes all at once. Maybe that is just life’s way of starting to prepare you for the emotional roller coaster that is parenthood. But, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Put your mind at ease by bringing this list of 15 must-ask questions to your first prenatal appointment:

  • What foods should I avoid? And what foods should I eat more?
  • What amount of caffeine is safe to consume?
  • How much weight should I gain? And more importantly, at what rate?
  • Is there a specific prenatal vitamin you recommend?
  • What over-the-counter medications are safe? Which ones should I avoid?
  • What type(s) and amount(s) of exercise do you recommend?
  • What screenings/tests do I need throughout my pregnancy?
  • Based on my personal medical history and family history, am I predisposed for any specific complications or condition?
  • Are there any restrictions regarding sex during pregnancy?
  • Is it safe for me to travel?
  • What symptoms should I expect and how can I manage them?
  • What symptoms are not considered normal that I should call you about immediately?
  • If I’m not feeling well between regular appointments, do I schedule an appointment with you or my primary care physician?
  • What is your position on _______?
    • Inductions
    • Scheduled c-sections
    • Epidurals
    • Alternative pain management options
    • Episiotomies
    • Vacuums
    • Forceps
    • Delayed cord clamping
  • What is the best method and time of day to contact you with questions?

Although this list of questions for your first prenatal appointment seems exhaustive, other questions will pop-up throughout the duration of your pregnancy. If it isn’t a concern that requires an immediate office visit or phone call to your physician, keep a running list of questions to bring with you to your next appointment. Since most people have their cell phone with them the majority of the time, the notes app is a great alternative to keeping up with a loose sheet of paper or carrying around a notebook.

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